The Furniture 201: Understanding Contract Furniture RFPs More Easily

An office is the place to get things done but it becomes tough to keep the employees motivated with boring ambience and uninspiring furnishings. The best way to keep the workers motivated and inspire collaboration among them is to combine a dynamic office environment with professional furnishings.

However, renovating a modern office space with just the right amount of pizzazz added into it is not an easy task. Moreover, most of the businesses just do not have the time to invest on office makeover when they have loads of work to be done.

What’s the solution?

New contract furniture and their thoughtful and artistic arrangement can change the ambience of an office from boring to bright, from insipid to inspiring, and from anemic to aesthetic. This entire process of office renovation with the help of new contract furniture becomes much simpler and hassle-free if you have a bulk furnishing supply agreement.

To give the design community a heads up about and insights into the process of acquiring contract furniture, Benhar Office Interiors offers educational sessions, the main goal of which to improve the way professionals deal with that process.

What Is Furniture 201?

The program named as Furniture 201 was launched in January 2015 in NYC. It consists of weekly series of educational sessions featuring discussions on the history of the procurement of contract furniture and insights about the industry. Through this program, the contract office interiors firm aims to explain the contract furniture RFP process in the simplest way possible so that not only designers but also faculty managers, architects, and even students can explore in-depth knowledge and strategies of this field with ease.

What Does the Program Cover?

Certified from the Interior Design Continuing Education Council and American Institute of Architects, the Furniture 201 program has been aimed at covering specific learning objectives including The Specifics of Specifying, Insight About Contract Furniture, The Furniture Procurement Process, The Roles of Manufacturers and Dealers, and The Designer’s Role in Commercial Interior Project Success.

Benhar Office Interiors has expanded their program for architects, managers, and student, which was initially only for designers. It is a weekly lunch-and-learn series that provides the learners extensive and comprehensive knowledge about the contract furniture market. To make the learning sessions more interactive and fruitful, they even spare a slot for a Q&A session. However, the sessions do not last more than an hour so that everyone can attend them at their discretion.

Thoughts of Benhar Office Interiors Management on the Program

Victoria Price, the marketing director of Benhar Office Interiors, said that they instigated the program after noticing the lack of detailed education on the contract furniture procurement process. Their inspiration was the huge interest from the professionals of different fields and levels, along with the entry- and mid-level designers, with whom they were working. They wanted to equip their customers with broad knowledge about the process so that they can understand and navigate the procurement while facing no problem in developing their expertise into new territories. The earnest desire of their customers for more education motivated them to move from providing just samples, pricing, and products to offer something deep and thoughtful.

Mark Benhar, the president of Benhar Office Interiors, said that the Furniture 201 program carries the beliefs and ideas they want their business to represent. The company believes in an ongoing process of workplace research and sharing knowledge while helping their partners in the process. They believe this knowledge sharing process and educational methods as means of empowering their customers.

About Benhar Office Interiors

Benhar Office Interiors helps clients across the country procure and manage the furniture and architectural products of their office space.

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