Myths about Small Business Office that Need to be Busted

Small and medium businesses have to face many challenges and the biggest one among them is probably the budget. Most of them have to constantly evaluate their budgets and find out scopes for carving out money to invest back into their business. So, it is normal for them to economize when it comes to spend money on the improvements and purchase quality office furniture.

Does high-end furniture can make a meaningful difference in the office space? Most of the small and medium business owners think the answer is ‘no’ but this is indeed a mistake! Quality office furniture plays a vital role in many aspects, especially in creating a functional and comfortable space and increasing the motivation and productivity of the employees in addition to taking care of their physical health.

Check out 5 myths about small business office and office furniture that need to be busted:

1#Myth: New Furniture is Costly

This is true in a sense but you can prove it wrong if you can play smartly. No business needs to replace all the office furniture all at once. If you have a budget problem, add new furniture items only to the key areas such as lobby or the conference room. Don’t opt for too posh or fancy furniture items that you actually don’t need. Stay basic and invest on those items that are required for making the space functional. Adding new furniture to specific areas and bit by bit will help you saving money over the long term.

2#Myth: Pre-Owned Office Furniture Lacks in Quality

Another misconception that actually needs to be busted! Pre-owned office furniture actually has a sustainable story behind them. They are high-end, durable, and can exude a great look when refurbished. They will cost a bit less than new furniture items but don’t opt for generic or off-brand products for large discounts because their quality can be bad and there is no guarantee that they will serve long term.

3#Myth: Remanufactured Office Furniture Is Not Cost-Effective

Wrong! Remanufactured office furniture does not use natural resources, labor, and energy. Hence, they are far less expensive than new office furniture and can save you 40% to 70% expense on your office furniture budget. If you buy from top brands such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Allsteel, and Knoll, you can remain assured of their quality as many of the manufacturers provide lifetime warranty.

4#Myth: Office Space Does Not Influence the Workers

Not true! Many business owners think that an office space is just for work and workers are machines who do not need to get anything except instructions and assignments. In fact, a creative office space and furniture with functional and comfortable features can inspire the workers to display their creative flair. The surroundings of people influence them emotionally and intellectually and you can have a meaningful effect on your employees’ productivity by improving the office environment.

5#Myth: Office Branding Is Not Necessary

Another misconception! Branding is mandatory for the success of a company no matter whether it is big or small. You can’t expect to impress either your clients or your employees with the ratty old furniture and shabby, lackluster office environment. Style does matter and your office needs to be furnished for the success you dream to achieve.

It is true that arranging for a creative office space furnished with high-end furniture is not inexpensive but the outcome is worth the expenditure. High-end office furniture from top brands looks far more sophisticated and lasts longer than its low quality, off-brand, and inexpensive counterparts. Managing a small office is relatively tougher but adding creative flair to it brings enormous changes in attitudes and productivity of those who work in it.

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